Getting Started

SCDO's API is comprised of remote and local functions:


  • Served remotely by a go-scdo node, queried through http requests in json-rpc format, wrapped by language specific SDK's.

  • references:

  • examples: getBalance, addTx, ...


  • Executed locally, implemented by language specific SDK's.

  • references:

    • [scdo-sdk-javascript]

    • scdo-sdk-python (TODO)

    • scdo-sdk-go (TODO)

  • examples: signTx, decryptKeyfile, ...

Javascript SDK

SCDO currently has two javascript SDKs: [scdoteam.js] and [scdo-sdk-javascript]. [scdoteam.js] will probably be deprecated but not in near future. Here's a comparison:

* Update to the latest npm and node.js versions to use scdo-sdk-javascript.

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